Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Sample Piece

Part of my work in progress for the previously mentioned exhibition.  To me there are two outstanding aspects of our part of the new National Park.  One is the rolling fields, the other is the distinctive range of plants that flower on the chalky soils.  At this point in the year the fields are beginning to be green as crops start to show, but they have only recently lost their winter clothing when the earth is bare and the shapes of individual fields stand out.
This sample is made using ordinary brown wrapping paper, scrunched and flattened out, re-scrunched and re-flattened, over and over until it becomes almost like a soft fabric.  I've machine stitched a fairly haphazard grid over the paper to represent the fields, then gently wetted the paper and carefully torn away small areas between lines of stitching.
I'm pleased with this sample.  It has the abstract touch that I was hoping for.  The next sample I plan to work on is, again, an interpretation of winter fields, but this time using scrim.

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