Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rain Today?

We've just survived Friday the 13th for the third time this year and now they throw St Swithun's at us!  Will it rain?  It's looking OK at the moment, dry but overcast.  But will it turn to rain later?  Who knows, forcasts differ.  All anyone will commit to is that, since April, we've had the wettest drought on record!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Extra Time!

What did you do with your leap second last evening?  Did you use it wisely?  You could be forgiven for not even realising that we'd had one.  I didn't see it trending on Twitter, or hear it being discussed on the BBC News.  Mind, the News was an hour late! Held over for the tennis. 
Baghdatis was robbed in my opinion.  The Wimbledon Commitee are going to have to come to some sort of decision on that roof.  Either close it before the start of a match, or leave it open and take what comes.  Suspending play for 30mins while they put it in place is always going to advantage one player over the other.

Y180 now coming to an end.  I've written the EMA, choosing the Art option, I just have to tweek it and send it off.  Plenty of time, it's not due in until the 19th.  Then I can start on some reading in preparation for A215 in September.  I'm really looking forward to that course.