Friday, 10 May 2013

More Samples

Sticking with the fields theme, but focusing in on a specific ploughed area I came up with this sample and the smaller one below.  Firstly I dyed some scrim and some rafia with strong black coffee, then couched strips of each onto a scrim base.  Some of the couching is done with a gold thread to give a bit of glitter and maybe a hint of frost on the field.
I like the way the stitching distorts the fabric and I think it does achieve the look of furrows across a field.

This is a tiny interpretation of the same ploughed field, worked on quite a stiff canvas.  I just cut some lengths of a thick, soft string, frayed the ends and laid the lengths on a scrap piece of canvas.  Next I painted the canvas and the string, but not the frayed ends.  Then I couched the string down with a gold thread and added beads.  If the couched string represents the furrows the beads would be the bits of chalk and flint thrown up by the plough.

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