Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Silk Sculpture 

I need to start blogging again!

I could bore you with a detailed account of how my work has changed over the past months or I could just jump in with a couple of images which show more-or-less where I am now.

I chose the easiest option.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mixed Media Collage

I'm about six months into my visual arts diploma and so far it's been an eclectic mix.  My latest short course went under the heading of mixed media collage A nicely vague title which could cover almost anything!  What it actually turned out to be was a few days of glorious fun printing, painting, cutting and sticking in a sun filled orangery at the centre of a crocus strewn lawn. You see how I suffer for my art!!
We started with printing inks, rollers and self-made stencils, layering up interesting backgrounds on tissue paper.  The acid-free, conservation grade stuff is surprisingly strong. 

A favourite colour palette.

There is actually more green in this than the picture shows.

Next we had a go at making printing blocks, my lino cutting has not improved since school days but I had more success with the 'cut shapes out of stuff and stick them on cardboard' type of block.  In fact I made quite a few of those for future work.  We used the blocks for adding yet more layers of print to our tissue backgrounds.

With the left over ink in our roller trays we were shown how to do monoprints.  This was entirely new to me and I got slightly hooked on the technique.  It really is quite addictive.

Just a few lines scratched in a tray.

A few drops of water added when the ink is gone.

When I had quite a few prints I started cutting them up and reassembling them on card.

Just playing.

Closer detail.

I could have played happily for hours, but time was short and we were supposed to be learning collage so I reluctantly swapped the paint for scalpel and glue.

A few small samples.

 I came away with some work in progress for a bigger piece incorporating fabric and stitch. which I will work on now that I've finally caught up with organising all my loose bits and pieces into a sketch book.

Very early stages of a background.
Stencil ideas.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Fifty Shades of Yellow!

Crazy Daffodil ... Rip van Winkle

Marsh Marigolds at the edge of my pond
Golden Crocus all around

Winter Aconites holding on for the Spring

Cowslips on the bank by my pond

Primroses in my woodland glade

Iris winogradowii - paler than the earlier danfordiae

Celandine with bronze leaves ... Brazen Hussy

Crocus Cream Beauty

My garden goes through phases of colour.  Mid March seems to be its yellow phase!  Even the butterflies are on message, with Brimstones fluttering by whenever the sun appears.  Sadly my photography skills are not good enough to cope with the speed at which they move.  Flowers are easier ... they sit still!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Overdue Lines

There's been a bit of a break in my Diploma studies.  I had no workshops in January, but now I'm busy gathering stuff together for the February one, which will be multi-media collage.
At the end of last year I had a five day Creative Development course on 3D line.  I had such a great time that week making endless samples of three dimensional lines from anything that came to hand that I've been loathe to share the results with anyone in case they don't 'get it'.  Our tutor was fantastic and there was absolutely no pressure to produce any finished work, it was just a wonderful opportunity to play.  I can't tell you what a joy that was!
These are just a few of the ideas I spent time experimenting with.

String & tubular ribbon.

Recycled packaging and wire.

Raffia bundles wrapped with linen twine.

Careful placement of stitch gives lines on calico.

Florist's Midelino sticks are very bendy.
A line of silk cocoon dots.

Perle threads on string.

Wires wrapped in painted calico.

There are others combining fancy knitting and wood or metal grids and plastic, but I don't want to bore you!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Felt

Felt Vessels

These I made a while ago.  I've brought them out again because the colours were based on flowers I have in the garden right now - snowdrops and crocuses.
I went through a felt phase some years ago and still have all the gear, but it is such a physical process and I'm basically such a lazy crafter that I very rarely feel moved to do anything other than cover a few pebbles these days.
Making felt really needs to be done standing up and calls for lots of energetic pummeling and whilst I do enjoy the scent of the olive oil soap I find I'd really rather be sitting in a comfy chair and stitching.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Weaving Calico Strips

In my most recent 'turning out' session I came across a couple of these.  An idea that I had been playing with years ago and just not followed through.  With the addition of a bit more calico and at the expense of a few hours of my time, I now have these.


Small bag

In other news, I've just taken a commission to knit a dress and coat outfit for a three year old girl.  The first time I've agreed to knit anything for anyone outside my family in years!