Saturday, 27 April 2013

Something Different.

Something I 'm not normally drawn to do is paint instead of stitch.  In this piece I've covered the canvas with scrunched up scrim, added some teased out fibres of Mulberry bark and applied gesso, thickly in some places, thinly in others.  I had expected to stitch into it, but found myself using acrylic paints instead.  It is an aberration, but I rather like it.  At present I have it on the wall above my work-bench.  Some days I rotate it, which gives it a different feel.  I quite like that it hasn't yet decided which way up it wants to be!
In other news, my TMA has come back, with the highest mark I've yet had on this module.  This is good, obviously, but it's also bad as I had more or less decided not to bother with the rest of the assignments.  So much to write in so little time means other parts of life are neglected.  I don't need to complete the course, I don't need the qualification, I only started it for fun.


  1. Love this piece Naida, the textures and colours are wonderful. Carolyn and I had a play with this method, it's great fun, difficult to stitch but possible, Carolyn used her piece for a JQ last year. Well done with your assignment.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Sue.
      Your workshops sound like great fun too, I envy people living close enough to attend.