Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Need for Notes

Notebooks are a lot of fun to make.  I mean the ones you make from scratch, with paper and card.  Once you've sewn paper pages together and cut your bits of heavy card for the base of your cover it's just a case of choosing which technique you want to play with for the top of the cover.  I made these two by bondaweb-ing fibres from mulberry bark and small pieces of torn scrim onto calico, adding some machine stitching and painting over the whole lot with metallic acrylic paints.  The finishing touches are a few hand stitches and some beading.

Why do I need more notebooks?  Because the dreaded Poetry section of A215 is finally ended and its TMA submitted so now I can move on to the Life Writing section, which should be a lot more fun and will undoubtedly call for the use of shiny new notebooks!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

More Snow.

It seems that winter hasn't quite finished with us yet.  For the second time this week snow is falling outside my window.  So I've put my spring embroidery on hold for a while and given in to the fun of making a pure white bowl from silk fibres and embroidered with heavily textured threads.  It will join my other 'balloon' bowls. Here's my embroidered calico one from an earlier post

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I'm Published!

February is a busy month.  There is, of course, the start of the new lunar year.  There is also Pancake Day, Valentine's Day, my son's birthday and his wedding anniversary - sixth this time round.

But this year we have to add the first online publication of one of my short stories by Ink Pantry publishers! 
It's a piece I wrote for an A215 TMA and is what our course text-book describes as fiction based on truth.