Thursday, 28 March 2013

I'm Published Again!

Those kind folks at Ink Pantry Publishing have chosen more of my writing to be featured on their web-site this week. 
Three small pieces taken fom work I did for my OU courses, A215 and A174.  They fit together quite well as they have a through-line, or common theme.
In this case a beach.   I grew up near a beach and always enjoyed it best on wild and windy days.
Take a quick look if you have a minute or two to spare.
If you missed my first story, published on their site last month, you'll find it here. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Doll Time

Today being Palm Sunday, I thought I'd show you my palm dolls - so called because they fit neatly into the palm of your hand.  They are very small!
Both are made from calico.  For the sitting one I stamped the calico with a script stamp before cutting out the pieces.  For the standing one I lightly spray painted the calico after sewing up the pieces but before stuffing.
The sitting doll has a skirt and scarf made from scraps of fabric left over after cutting out the stamped calico.
The standing doll has a hat and bag which I knitted on 2mm needles.  They are worked in bramble stitch.  Her bag holds a few tiny balls of wool and cocktail stick knitting needles.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Is it Spring at Last?

We're past the Ides, the equinox is just around the corner and finally there are signs of Spring.  Magnolia buds turning from grey to green, one or two flowers opening on the forsythia and bright green leaf buds on the quince.  We've had groups of snowdrops, including my lovely Wendy's Gold, a whole mass of crocuses opening to greet any fleeting rays of sun, hellebores, early daffs and mini irises.  But it hasn't felt like Spring till now.
Walking through the garden this morning I spied a few violets adding their colour to cyclamen and aconites, and the great delight of fat, pointy buds on my clumps of those glorious Rip Van Winkle daffs.  Topolino and Tete-a-Tete are already out and, of course, they are lovely and most welcome, but they can't compete in the joyousness stakes with the unique, multi-petalled, golden heads of Rip Van Winkle.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

More Notebooks

As promised a couple of weeks ago, some more of my books.  They are all made from scratch with paper and card as before, but I've used different techniques for each of the covers.
The largest one is hand embroidered on silk paper.  The one with the bookmark is painted on cotton, using a wax resist and the third one is made with scraps of fabric from other projects machined on to scrunched up brown paper.
One has been made traditionally with a spine, as before.  The other two have softer covers.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Early Irises

I was going to post some more of my books today, but the sun is shining and this little beauty caught my eye.
Iris 'Katherine Hodgkin' is the result of a 1960's cross by an amateur gardener who named her after the wife of a fellow plant enthusiast.
My other early iris, the winter flowering 'Mary Barnard' was collected by the lady herself near Algiers in 1937.