Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Moving On

I've now received the mark for my final eTMA.  It was a big improvement on the first one.  Astonishingly my tutor gave me 91%.
Maths was never my strongest point, but I think that means I have done well enough to achieve my much coveted excellent pass for the module as a whole.

I feel that is encouragement enough to enrol on the year long Creative Writing course, which starts in September.
Until then I shall content myself with Y180.  Course work for for that short module arrived a couple of days ago.  On first sight it looks quite interesting.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Waiting Again!

A174 is finished!!  My final eTMA went about a week ago, so I'm waiting now for the result.
I've not been idle, though! 
I've launched into a massive re-organisation of my lounge and dining room.  Both are looking much better as a result.  The only downside is that I now have a garage full of stuff waiting to be re-distributed. 
I've booked my next course Y180 - Making Sense of the Arts.  As a confirmed scientist, I'm not sure that the arts are supposed to make sense.  But it is a short course and will fill in the time until my Creative Writing one starts in September.