Saturday, 26 January 2013

Where Did all the Snow Go?

Overnight rain has washed all the magic from my garden.  They do say, if a little snow remains after a thaw, then it's waiting for more to come.  That was certainly the case ten days ago, but this time it's different.  The tiny patches left now don't look at all promising.

So faced with a dry day and soil which is cold, but not frozen I've spent a few hours spreading manure around my roses.  This is good thing for three reasons.  It kept me close to the warmth of the house - all our roses are on the front and side walls.  I was able to source the manure while it's still on a discount - our local supplier's offer finishes at the end of the month.  The roses really need a boost, they're not overly fond of our soil and I failed to find time to pamper them in this way last year.

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