Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Feast of Cream

A few more of my embroideries, rescued from the chaos of my work bench and set out on display.  The two circular ones are worked, in various weights of cream perle, on a very rough silk noil, with padded calico applique on the larger one.  The cube is on canvas, using some of my favourite canvaswork stitches and the three dimensional piece is on calico, with a silk noil base.  


  1. Nadia - your work is exquisite...I would love to post a photo of it in my blog. Please may I have your permission? I shall place your name alongside the work.
    Happy Stitching....


  2. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for your comment. Permission gladly given as long as you spell my name right! :) (it's Naida)
    Happy for you to put a link to my blog, alongside the photo, as well if you can.

  3. I really like your cream pieces! Last year I did the Pebble Adventure on StitchinFingers(yahoo group) and had fun making mine in creams, butterscotch, and brown.

    1. Hi Suztats,
      I nipped over to your blog to have a peep. Your pebbles look really interesting with such a variety of stitches. I like the idea of trapping stuff between two layers.