Friday, 25 January 2013

Another Treasure

Another of the very early daffs flowering in my tiny greenhouse at the moment.  This one is called romieuxii and is a beautiful pale lemon colour.  Like cantabricus it is a native of Morocco.

Today's poem comes from an activity in which we were given a long list of wierd titles and asked to write to a few of them.  The one I chose first was 'What the Cow Thought About the Rain'.  My inspiration was the old country belief that cows sit down when rain is on the way.

There’s a smell in the air,
a change in the light.
A promise of rain
that just might

I’ll first choose my spot,
safe under that tree.
Then race there,
who wins?

Ruminating, while sitting
on my warm dry grass.
Waiting among daisies
for the shower to

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