Sunday, 27 January 2013

Garden Birds

Spent an hour this weekend completing the Big Garden Birdwatch.  I do it every year and usually manage to tick most of the boxes.  Except I'm never sure about dunnocks and we hardly ever see a starling now. 

This year was unusual in that we have no long-tailed tits as yet.  Most years a whole gang of them arrive together and set about pecking the lichen on my old quince tree.  Maybe the colder weather has held them back this year.

As well as our usual tally of blue tits, bullfinch, goldfinch, magpies, robins and doves, the woodpecker and jay put in a timely appearance.  Sadly our visiting pheasant arrived to late to be counted!

atop three,
one under,
arrangement of pigeons
in a birch tree,
waiting out the falling snow

Two more,
next door,
seen only when
I shift my

Three now,
four under
re-huddle, re-shuffle
two who had flown
are now come back.

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