Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Balloon Bowl

My work bench gets itself into a real muddle sometimes, so I've spent part of the day un-muddling it.  In so doing I unearthed my 'balloon bowl', made some years ago now, in which I store all sorts of small soft things. The base is calico over papier mache and the surface decoration is partly raised stitches in various shades of cotton perle and partly lace knitting in cotton yarn.  Wrapped cords edge the embroidered sections. 


  1. This is fabulous! How did you attach the calico to the papier mache? Did you stitch then attach? In pieces or in one go? So many questions! I've made bowls using water soluble, and had a disastrous attempt at using plaster bandage, so I'm very interested in trying your method!

  2. Hi Iz,
    Stitch the calico to the papier mache in one piece, pleating and cutting away excess fabric as necessary. Then embroider. The embroidery covers any folds you need to make in fitting the fabric to the base.

    1. Thank you! And sorry I've only just found your reply!