Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Can't rely on anyone these days!

Halloween yesterday.
A bit of a nightmare day.  We drove to my parent's house, yet again, hoping to have Sue Ryder collect all the furniture.  1pm came and went.  2pm came and went.  At 2.15 we decided to phone.  One driver sick, another on holiday, so no collection today!  My response unprintable!

Husband, bless him, rallied round and organised delivery of all our carefully packed china and bagged up clothes, to the charity shop over the Green.  They were very pleased to receive it.  Manageress snaffled the cake plate straight out of its wrappings, said her mince pies would look great on there.
Two young lads, helping out after school, did a sterling job of ferrying everything from our car to their 'warehouse' at the back of the arcade.
We are further forward than we were at the start of the day, but not as far as we had hoped to be.

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