Sunday, 30 October 2011

A 174

Clocks changed this morning and my OU course started yesterday.  Officially started, that is, we were sent course work some weeks ago, so I've been dabbling a bit for several days.
Listened to parts of the Audio CD and read bits of the Anthology.  Not good!  Most of the authors on the CD I'd never heard of, much less read and the extracts I found in the Anthology were not at all to my taste.  Still, early days!

It's an online course and finding a way around the website was quite a challenge, there are useful things hidden away in little side alleys where students may not chance to look.
I received an email from someone called Josie Cuffe, inviting me to take part in a "shared activity". This person is not part of my tutor group and there are no posts under that name in the Student Cafe, so I've decided it must be a wind up from some kind of spam merchant.  I shall ignore it.

In other news ... my Mum has suddenly decided she can't cope anymore at home, so she and Dad have moved in to a nursing home leaving me to sell her house and clear out their lifetime's accumulation of odds and ends.

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