Friday, 12 April 2013

Experimental Hand Embroidery

James Hunting's stunning embroidery.

Three days have rarely flown by so quickly as they did this week, on a hand embroidery course tutored by the immensely talented James Hunting.  Regular visitors to this blog will know my own work is small and detailed, but James takes delicate to a whole new level.  His stunningly beautiful flowers are worked in single strands of embroidery threads, either stranded cottons or silks.
His teaching covered all the basics of linear stitches, blanket stitches and couching, through a few modified stitches to french knots and raised stitching.  We worked mostly on linen and organdie.  James proved to be a very patient mentor. 
The embroidery I have chosen to show is unusual in that it is beaded and doesn't feature the piecing together of different linens which usually forms part of his larger work.

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