Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Work on Wednesday

Course materials for my next OU module arrived today, earlier than I was expecting!  Gardening and stitching have been abandoned while I work through the list of what's been sent and what I have yet to buy.  EA300, Children's Literature, is my first Level 3 module.  As well as the course-books there are a dozen set books, most of which I've read, either in my youth or to my son when he was young.  The few that I didn't know I bought early on to give me time to read them before the module began and I have managed to do that, so I feel fairly well prepared.
Of course, when I enrolled on this module I didn't know that I was going to be given a place on the Visual Arts Diploma, but I've checked the OU assignment dates and I'm hopeful that the two courses will dove-tail fairly well, without too many clashes.  But maybe that's just my natural optimism!


  1. Enjoy your two courses, they will certainly keep you busy. I so much regret having taken two years out from my OU course, only to discover last month when I went to register that it is now priced beyond my reach.

    1. Hi Maggi
      Being able to stay on transition fees was a big motivator in finishing my course last year. Full fees would be well beyond my reach too!