Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I Knit Too!

I haven't made i-cords for years, but I was watching repeats of old detective programmes a few nights ago and needed something for my hands to do.  I had a set of double pointed needles and some scrap wool within reach, so I cast on five stitches and off I set.  I knitted the plain one first, making the cord long enough to add the knot before joining the ends.  In between programmes I ferreted out a bit of toy stuffing and a few beads.  I now have three summery bangles for absolutely free and just a few hours work.


  1. They're great. I've never knit i-cords.

    1. Sadly they are easier to knit than to explain! Basically you just keep sliding the knitted stitches to the other end of the needle instead of turning your work. If you'd like to have a go just google them I'm sure you'll find lots of online tutorials.