Friday, 21 September 2012

Another Equinox

Study materials for A215 have now arrived. An all encompassing 'Student Cafe' forum has opened - much too crowded.  Already the attention seeking, would be dominant, male student has emerged.  We had one on A174, different guy but same tactics.  Covering the board with his threads and posting on as many others as possible, as many times as possible, even when he has nothing of any use to add to the discussion.
I shall wait for the individual tutor group forum to open before I bother posting anything.

Meanwhile I shall concentrate on enjoying the early autumn weather.  Bulbs of all sorts are arriving daily.  I must find time to plant at least some of them.  I have autumn crocus that should have gone in weeks ago, alliums, by the bucket load, daffodils and fritillaria, some quite unusual which come as single bulbs and need special care.  I also have a whole host of tulips on order but they won't be here for a few more weeks yet.  Come next spring and early summer my garden should be an absolute feast.

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