Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Month New Skill

Knitting has always been a great pleasure, but I've never yet managed to conquer crochet.
A book on 'granny squares' arrived today so I searched out some suitable wool from my stash, found a couple of hooks in an old drawer and set to.
I had planned to sort out some shelves in our dining room today, but learning a new skill trumps housework.  The shelves can wait. 
After several hours and a few false starts I'm quite proud to have ended up with a recognisable classic square.  As the book shows seventy-five possible variations I may need more wool!

I've reached the end of the introductory chapter of Y180.  No word from my new tutor yet though.  Do I wait for contact, or do I plough on into the main body of the course?

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